"With 474 pages of text, Læraryna contains almost as many individual runes, each named, detailed, and indexed for your study. From the Elder Futhark runes of the Ancient Germanic tribes to the Ohmblarg runes of the Trolls, all will become clear within the pages of this tome."

Læraryna - understanding runes

The very first book to be released by the T.o.M.E, Læraryna details and instructs on the use of runes within magic. It features the common rune sets, known by most, but also many others that have until recently been unexplored, including one that we had the fortune to discover entirely for ourselves!

In reading this book, you will gain the ability to not only recognise
runes from across the magical world, but also to use them in
Runecasting and as a means of writing too.

Wand & Quill at the ready, prepare to dive into the world of runes.



"Dangvingäsh is a must-read for anyone wishing to learn the Goblin language. This book, though small in size, is filled to the brim with instruction and examples to help you on your way to success."

Dangvingäsh - The Goblin Dictionary

The supporting book to Læraryna, Dangvingäsh delves far deeper into one of the runic sets outlined therein - the runes of the Goblins.

With a great deal of information that was previously witheld from Arcan eyes, discover the origin and history of the 'Iron Tongue' through the combined efforts of Lituus Zentaurius and Ironchain Darkstone - the Overseeing Goblin Leader of Darkstone Colony - as well as many of his compatriots.

Learn the fifty core words and their classes, then teach yourself to pronounce, write, and even create your own runic forms of Goblin words.
This book provides all the information you need (though a great deal of patience and practice will also be required) to become fluent in Dangvingäsh.

äsh tikdokdäh däsh pikpangkósh dangvingäsh