Can we visit your bookshop in person?

Although we would find it truly fascinating to meet each and every one of you, unfortunately we are not able to grant you access to our magical bookshop at this time.
We sincerely hope that this will come to change in the future.

For the time being, we encourage you to treat these digital pages as you would bookshelves and peruse at your leisure!

What is the inspiration behind your work for the T.o.m.e?

Though both of us have a love for magic and nature, you will notice that our styles vary. As you would expect, we are also each inspired by different things...

J. LITUUS - I take a great deal of my inspiration from patterns and forms hidden in nature. The strata found in rock formations. The intricate geometry of a spider web. Although many of my ideas stem from visual cues such as these, I also draw my design and literary ideas from my love of music. I focus strongly on the rhythm and flow of my work, both in terms of the reading of text and the interlocking patterns that symbols and shapes form on a page. A great deal of my illustration work can be recognised through these rhythmic qualities. As such, I am also a great lover of poetry and rhyme, especially humorous verses. I am a shameless user of ridiculously awful puns.

N. ZENTAURIUS - I too find a lot of inspiration in nature. I love the perfect imperfection of everything the natural world has to offer - the wonderful colours and designs it boasts. You can study a thousand roses and each will always differ from the last. You can compare a butterfly's left and right wing and although symmetrical, they will never be an exact mirror image of eachother. Other sources of inspiration for me are tales of history, lore, and fantasy and the way that they allow your mind to travel back to another place in time. One of the key purposes of my artwork is to try and bring little pieces of such places forward into the modern world. I like to make art that includes elements that people are familiar with, but under the guise of my own unique twist.

How do the Hardback & paperback versions of your books differ?

The content for both books is identical, right down to the paper used.

The hardback books have a hard cover (surprise!) which is wrapped in a coloured paper stock. This stock has the cover design block pressed onto it using a coloured foil (sometimes gold, silver, or with a metallic effect). The endpapers for this version are twice as wide as those used in the paperback, creating a turnable 'page' of their own.

The paperback books have a soft cover, with the cover design printed onto card (no foil). As mentioned, the endpapers are a single sheet in this version, bearing the same design.

How far are you able to send your parcels?

We ship worldwide! Hoorah! There are no limitations on destination, other than the cost itself which will be calculated for you at the counter. In some cases, we may suggest sending multiple heavy items in separate parcels (often this can save you money!).

We apologise if the overseas shipping charge seems steep. Books are heavy things...

Do you have any affiliation with other magical creators?

No, we don't. Every piece of work you will find within the T.o.M.E and our products is entirely of our own creation unless otherwise stated (occasionally we utilise the skills of others too, but we will always credit their work). It stems from our own research, is devised by our own minds, and is brought to you through the use of our own four hands.

Any similarities to real people, names, or concepts are entirely unintentional.