We are Lituus Zentaurius...

Three years ago, after a long and detailed conversation regarding our individual magical collections, we decided that our combined knowledge and skill could be used to support the education of others.

Those who truly wanted to learn. 

Soon after, a partnership was formed under the name
wherein we began to research and collate as much information as we possibly could on the broadest range
of magical topics. Travelling to the outer reaches of Europe, then beyond, we interviewed, listed, indexed, and sketched, until we exhausted each avenue of study.

Once sure that our investigation was complete, we required means to give form to our findings.
and a bookshop in which to keep them!

Thus, in 2018 we founded just such a place,
of which we are sure you already know...

Who are lituus zentaurius though...really?


J. Lituus

Also known under the alias Alarm Eighteen, I have a broad knowledge of the fields of Linguistics, Runes, Magical History, Spellcasting & Potion Making, with additional skills in writing, illustration, and bookbinding
(that all come in rather handy in my current job!).

Living in a higgledy-piggledy townhouse in the ancient village of Malmesbury, England, I can often be found exploring the tumbledown ruins of the nearby Abbey and its surrounding gardens. Otherwise, when I'm not researching, illustrating, or writing for the T.o.M.E,
I am most likely to be in the attic studio, making questionable music on the drums, guitar, or accordion... 

though rarely all at the same time...

natasha framed.png

N. Zentaurius

My name is Zentaurius and my main interests lie within the fields of Herbarical Study & Magical Creatures, as well as Runes, Tarot & various other forms of Divination. My skills are easier to describe - Drawing.
I draw... a lot! I love to try out different styles
and find inspiration in everything I see. 

I live on the borders of an old, magical area called the Eifel in Germany. You might well find me walking through forests and in the local countryside,
marvelling at flora, fauna & the moon.
When I'm not illustrating for the T.o.M.E, I draw other things... or read books...

or draw while books are being read to me...

Should you have further questions about our modern magical methods, please feel free to contact us.